Living on the Ark

Sharing life and laughter

Our Crazy Crew

My name is Vicki and I share my life with my husband, two cats, a dog, and a bearded dragon.  We navigate our lives from the helm of the Ark with, the occassionally demanding, assistance of our pets. Let me introduce them to you: First, there is Lucy, who is an American Eskimo who I rescued from our local SPCA. She used to be terrified of everything. These days,only children and loud noises scare her. She loves to go exploring into every nook and cranny she can find.  Lucy, however, always wants to be as close to me as she can be. If I say the word “store”, she’s standing by the door as if to say “You’re not leaving without me.” If I can bring her, I always take her with me.

Then there’s Tula, our fat and loving cat. She used to be my mom’s cat but decided that she would rather live with us. She loudly reminds us of how this is the ultimate priviledge every morning. Consequently, we really should feed her NOW. She is also the biggest cuddler of a cat I have ever known. All you have to do is pick her up and she will start purring to beat the band.

Next is Shadow, our resident insane cat. We live on the tenth floor of an apartment building. Shadow likes to lay halfway off of our balconey and wave at the passing pedestrians on the street below. If you call up to her, she will meow at you. She also likes to walk the balconey railing (and give me heart-attacks) and do jumping leaps at passing pigeons. Pigeons have learned to avoid our balconey at all costs. Shadow is also our heart kitty who will wake us up in the morning with purrs and kisses. She also will have conversations with you in the bathroom. I don’t know why. . . maybe cause we always answer her?

Sure, now you’ll be all cute and lazy.

Lastly, there’s Isk, our resident bearded dragon. We bought Isk as our first year anniversary present to each other. He doesn’t get around as much as he used to. When he was young, he went swimming with a male blue beta fish (Patton, who unfortunately passed away) and was chased by the cats on a couple of occassions. He’s a great listener but rather lazy now that he is fully grown.

A young Isk, taking it all in.

So that’s everybody, except a couple of fish who really don’t contribute much except decoration. Oh, wait. . . there’s my fiance/husband and I. I am a University graduate with my full honours BA in English. I use this education to assist me when I write my blogs. I do have two other blogs, Boudicabooks and DreamMirrors. Boudicabooks is where I host a book club that reads and comments on books by, for and about women. I also take on various issues that target women specifically. DreamMirrors is also a book club, but it is where I let my Geek hang out. We read and discuss fantasy and science fiction novels. I also write about my ongoing struggles in Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering. I am a very complicated person and that tends to get reflected in my blogs. My husband, Mike, also blogs at DMblackwolf where he talks about fantasy games, mostly D&D and Magic.  When we are not blogging, we enjoy reading, writing, listening to almost all types of music (I can’t stand rap or hip hop, Mike hates country music), playing D&D, camping, walking, book shopping, playing Magic, knitting and my favourite thing: having a good discussion. Here’s Mike and I in case you wanted a faces to go with all the words.

That’s us at Sky Lake which is on the Bruce Penninsula in Ontario. It’s also our favorite place to go for vacation. So, that’s all the facts about us. I hope you keep coming to check out our story.


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